About Mueller Images

Seattle-based art and music lover Jim Mueller founded Mueller Images LLC in 2010. He is a street photographer with an interest in urban systems, a tendency to travel and an ever expanding image library. Mueller Images designed a two pronged archive to collect his important work from the past and manage new digital media as well. Film negatives, prints and slides are expertly digitized and added to an accessible and secure database on a private hard drive. Images are individually assigned metadata and copyright protection then backed-up to multiple servers nationwide. Authorized users can go online to access the work, share it and sell it.

Jim is a second generation photographer who took after his talented father, Don Mueller. Early on, Don self-taught photography basics while growing up in the Black Hills, South Dakota. After high school graduation in 1942, he attended the Art Center School in LA. He stayed in California until returning home to help with the family business and rejoin the community of Hot Springs. Don Mueller worked as a professional photographer for the rest of his life. He never stopped developing his craft or lost his love for creative art. We work with clients on family history projects, photography archive design and all kinds image based tasks out of our homebase in downtown Seattle.